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Platform activities

The NERIS Platform will address the following three activities.
  • Establish a forum for dialogue between European, national and local authorities, Technical Support Organisations (TSOs), professional organisations, research institutes, universities, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and local and professional stakeholders to initiate and support through partnership European, regional, national and local activities and projects in nuclear and radiological emergency response and recovery preparedness.
  • Initiate and coordinate networking activities to share experience, to contribute to a better harmonisation in Europe, to maintain and adapt existing tools and methods, and to develop new technical and governance approaches on nuclear and radiological emergency response and recovery preparedness.
  • Ensure a supranational training programme by continuing the training courses developed during the EURANOS project and by launching new training courses according to the needs of all the various actors.

In this way, the NERIS platform will build the focal point for any further coordinated activities in this area in Europe. The structure of the platform is in principle as follows:

Structure of the proposed NERIS Platform

Important to note here is the objective to establish a platform that is self sustainable after the three years of the project.