In case of a nuclear accident in Europe, the Real-time On-line Decision Support system for off-site emergency management in Europe (RODOS) provides consistent and comprehensive information on the present and future radiological situation, the extent and the benefits and drawbacks of emergency actions and countermeasures, and methodological support for taking decisions on emergency response strategies. Main users of the system are those responsible at local, regional, national and supra-national levels for off-site emergency management. The application of the system for training and exercises was a further important consideration in its development.

The RODOS system is designed for enabling a seamless transition between

To that purpose, models and data bases can be customised to different site and plant characteristics and to the geographical, climatic and environmental variations in Europe. Its operational application requires on-line coupling to radiological and meteorological real-time measurements and meteorological forecasts from national weather services.

The current RODOS version PV6.0 has been and will be installed for operational use in a number of emergency centres of European states, partially supported by the European Commission’s ECHO, TACIS and PHARE Programmes (RODOS installations). On behalf of the RODOS Consortium, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Institute for Nuclear and Energy Technologies (IKET), is responsible for the dissemination of RODOS in Europe.

The RODOS system is the result of a close collaboration between almost 40 institutes from about 20 countries within the European Union, Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. The RODOS project was funded by the German Ministry of Environment, the European Commission and the participating institutes. The R&D work continues under the 6th Framework Programme of the European Commission.

A more detailed description of the RODOS project and the current RODOS version 6.0 is given in the RODOS Brochure. The RODOS Flyer gives a short overview.