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Important IP-adresses at FZK

Description IP-Adress
Default Gateway141.52.68.207
Primary DNS141.52.3.3
Secondary DNS141.52.8.18

Proxies at FZK

Description Adress

RODOS group DHCP adresses

Domain IP-Adress

RODOS group static machines

Name IP-Adress Operating Systems Architecture Description Password SUSE 9.0 i386 Filesystem and password server, backup machine Linux 2 SUSE 9.0 i386 ? Linux 1 SUSE 9.0 i386 ? Linux 1 SUSE 10.3 i386 ? Linux 1 SUSE 9.0 i386 ? Linux 2 SUSE 10.1\\Ubuntu 7.04 i386 ? Linux 1 Kubuntu 7.10 amd64 Tim's main machine no root, use sudo openSUSE 10.2 i386 Susan's main machine special (Susan) openSUSE 10.3
Windows XP
i386 Laptop Mamad: RODOS testing special (Wolfgang) openSUSE 10.3 i386 Virtual Webserver Host Linux 1 SUSE 9.3 i386 External Linux integration machine special (Thomas) openSUSE 10.3 i386 Virtual Web server, FTP server and CVS server Linux 1 openSUSE 10.3 i386 Quad-Core test machine Linux 1 DHCP Windows XP i386 Laptop Tim: traveling and presentation machine Linux 1

  • Linux 1: Mamad, Tim
  • Linux 2: Mamad, Tim, Christoph
  • HP: Mamad, Tim, Gerhard
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