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Important IP-Adresses at FZK

Description IP-Adress
Default Gateway141.52.68.207
Primary DNS141.52.3.3
Secondary DNS141.52.8.18

Proxies at FZK

Description Adress

RODOS Group machines

Name IP-Adress Operating Systems Architecture Description Password SUSE 9.0 i386 Filesystem and password server, backup machine Linux 2 SUSE 9.0 i386 ? Linux 1 SUSE 9.0 i386 ? Linux 1 SUSE 10.3 i386 ? Linux 1 SUSE 9.0 i386 ? Linux 2 SUSE 10.1 i386 ? Linux 1 Kubuntu 7.10 amd64 Tim's main machine no root, use sudo OpenSUSE 10.2 i386 Susan's main machine special (Susan) OpenSUSE 10.3
Windows XP
i386 Laptop special (Wolfgang) OpenSUSE 10.3
Windows XP
i386 Presentation Laptop Linux 2 SUSE 9.3 i386 External Linux integration machine special (Thomas) SUSE 8.2 i386 Web server, FTP server and CVS server Linux 1
  • Linux 1: Mamad, Tim
  • Linux 2: Mamad, Tim, Christoph
  • HP: Mamad, Tim, Gerhard
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