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Future Development

:?: When is the automatic import of NWP data planned to be realized?

In one of the next build

:?: When is the improved presentation of “measurements on maps” (with point symbolizers instead of polygon symbolizers) planned to be realized ?

03.06.2008 build realized.

:?: When is the feature “Automatic start of calculation triggered by incoming Rodos-lite XML-interface file” planned to be realized?

28.07.2008 build realized.

:?: When is the improved reporting (user defined layout) planned to be realized?

28.07.2008 build realized.

:?: When is the automatic generation of reports after a model run planned to be realized?

28.07.2008 build realized.

:?: Is an automatic generation of png-files for results possible after a model run ?

Automatic report function realized

:?: Can a printing feature be realized (for text results, for maps and for the input summary window)?

080516 Build for for text results, for the input summary
In one of the next build for maps

:?: Can the GIS system of JRodos be connected with a WMS-Server (there will be such a use case soon) ?

:?: When it is planned to make the dispersion models for Diagnose and Prognose identical (at the moment it is AtstepDiag for Diagnose and ALSMC for Prognose) ?

:?: Web access to JRodos ?

:?: Integration of depom/fdmt, ermin and iamm ?

depom/fdmt, ermin and iamm are almost integrated

:?: Distributed system (which allows for multi-user operation) ?

:?: Advanced source term for automatic mode (separate ST’s for diagnose and prognose) ?

:?: Access to model results in DB for external tools (e.g. for displaying data with separate tools)?

:?: Separate RoLite windows for different models (e.g. Emersim RoLite tabs are only displayed when Emersim is included in model chain) ?

:?: User-definition of list of results, which are pre-selected in RoLite as results to be shown after model run (e.g. every time I use the emergency model chain, I would like to have certain results being pre-selected here) ?

:?: Improved configuration/administration of models (e.g. reducing the number of configuration files, storage of all configuration files in one directory, etc.) ?

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