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How to get MapLegend displayed over the Map

<small> 24.04.2008 </small>

The idea to have a maplegend component over the Map one is quite an old one in the JRodos development. Yesterday decided to devote a bit of my time for this.

Alright, the basis for the solution is JInternalFrame. Take a look at the simple how-to-use for this class.

Another thing was to make sure the Map is extended for the whole container, and, additionally, the legend should not be extended but stay natural size and floating over the Map.

The solution is to
a) use JInternalFrame frame as a main container;
b) connect Map and MapLegend to different Panes of frame: ContentPane with GridLayout and LayeredPane with null layout.

The first result of the beautification is here :)

I just love Substance LF!

<small> 25.04.2008 </small>

What a great Look-n-Feel is this Substance!
With one line of code I've just added a TabPreview functionality :)

          new DefaultTabPreviewPainter());

Here's the result:

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