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JRodos June 2009 is out!

This release delivers important bug fixes, as well as introduces an essential speedup for the core computational models.
Now both ALSMC and RLSMC complete chains for 48 steps are calculated within 5 minutes! (Intel Core2Duo 2.2 Ghz, 2 Gb RAM).
Note, that the overall system behavior is much smoother on multicore machines due to the multi-JVM architecture of JRodos.

Unix version became faster with the latest JVM 6 update 14, no chunky rendering experience anymore!

FDMF and Poseidon models are added in a fully working mode,
AgriCP model is available as a computational module for results preview, no UI at the moment.

Please, follow the detailed Release Notes.

Binaries can be downloaded from the links below:

:!: In case you have 64-bit Linux get the latest PostgreSQL 8.3.x from here.
PostGIS extension should be then installed via YAST/Synaptic or any other software install tool available in your system.

Weekly Builds

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