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How to work with Model Chain Editor

Model Chain Editor was developed to make possible creation of custom chains having a predefined set of models. Every model chain is seen as a directed graph with nodes (models) and connections (information flow). Visual representation of these graphs are called Scenes.

  • Standard user policy is used here: a user can change and save/delete model chains, created by him. A user can only read model chains created by other users, and use these chains in the “New Project dialog”.
  • Only the supported model flows will allow successful connection. E.g. ALSMC → EMERSIM will be successful, when ALSMC → FDMT won't.
  • Each model can have only one incoming connection, but allows several outgoing connections.
  • You can create, select move and delete nodes using the mouse.
  • You can create, select and delete connections using the mouse.
  • Alternatively, you can delete selected nodes/connections using “Delete” key.

What's on the panel

  • toolbar:
    • “New Scene” - to create a new tab with default name “New <n>” and empty scene.
    • “Manage Scenes” - modelchain management: rename, open from DB, save to DB, delete from DB.
    • “Reorganize nodes” - sort the nodes on the scene.
  • tabs:
    • each scene is held within a tab
    • tab can be renamed (double click on it) and closed (close x button)
    • once the content of a tab is changed (tab is renamed, nodes / connections are changed) the tab becomes red
  • scene area:
    • insert / move / delete nodes (models)
    • create / delete connections

My first Model Chain

Let's create a standard model chain ALSMC → DEPOM → FDMT + ALSMC → EMERSIM

  • Start Model Chain Editor: JRodos → Options → Model chain editor
  • Double click on the tab name. Now change it to “My Model Chain” and press Enter.
  • Note that the tab is turned red ( = changed).

  • On scene area right mouse click. From the popup select ALSMC - ALSMC node is created.
  • Create DEPOM, FDMT and EMERSIM nodes. Move the nodes around in a way you like.

  • To create connection “ALSMC → DEPOM” hold CTRL key, click on ALSMC node and drag the mouse. The connection arrow appears.
  • Continue dragging towards DEPOM node. The connector will be snapped once it is close to DEPOM.
  • Repeat the same with “DEPOM → FDMT” and “ALSMC → EMERSIM” connections.

  • You can rearrange the nodes to make the flow more clean. Press “Reorganize nodes” button on the Model Chain Editor toolbar. The result is

  • Open Scene Manager (“Manage Scenes” button).
  • Observe model chains saved to DB and the newly created one “My Model Chain”.
  • Click on the “*My Model Chain” row and press “Save Selected Chains” button.

  • If you want to use this chain in the “New Project” dialog of the current user, in the Model Chain Manager set “Is Accessed” check box on the line of this chain. No save is required! Once a checkbox changes its state the change is automatically saved to the DB!
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