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Path of Source and Jar

Source and NomadsDownloader.jar can be found under 


In this version, bugfix has been done to using data from

Currently, only grib2 option is supported. Using of other options may not work.

java -jar NomadsDownloader.jar [–grib2] [yyyyMMddhh] [{tt1,tt2,tt3}]

For example:

java -jar NomadsDownloader.jar –grib2 2015031800 {00, 03, 05}

This command will get the forecast data from national wetter service. The data for 0, 3 and 5 hour after 2015.03.18 00:00 oclock will be downloaded.

How to run it

1. Copy the NomadDownloader.jar to your local folder.

2. Open the cmd dosbox on windows or terminal on linux.

3. Under you can find which data is available online. For example, on March the data fold gfs.2015031800 can be found online. We can take 2015031800 as parameter for next step.

4. Run following command under the path of your local folder:

java -jar NomadsDownloader.jar –grib2 2015031800 {00, 03, 05}

As output in console you can see:

Try download Try download Try download

The data will be downloaded into “local folder/data_download/grib2”


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