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Release Notes 18.04.2008


Recreate RTDB scheme before run. The simplest way is use _restoreDB.cmd script, but please note, this script will recreate all databases and delete all NWP data and saved projects.


  • Automatic run
    • More messages added (on coming expected data, on replacing data etc.)
    • Bugs with time adaptation fixed.
    • Unnecessary results removed.
    • Possibility to modify administrator defined values (maximal number of missed measurement time steps, period of prognoses calculation) introduced. The values are stored in <JRodos>/Manager/plugins/Diagnose/ Restarting of JRodos system is needed to apply changes.
  • Visualization of measurment data on map (experimental solution). Feedback are needed.
To visualize measurment data on map:
a) Import data to DB (RTDB) either via Measurment->Import Measurment or put files into 
	<JRodos>/Automatic/RTTF and wait while JRodos imported it in background;
b) Select Measurmet -> Show Measurments on Map;
c) Select Measure Type in the ComboBox "Measure Type", select Measure in the Table
	"Measure", select one or servral Heigths in the ComboBox "Heigths"
d) !!! Specify start and end date. The minimal and maximal available dates for selected
	measurment set (Measure Type+Measure+Heigths) are displayed in the Fields 
	The simplest way is to press "Copy to From" and "Copt to To:" buttons, this
	will display all measurments from selected measurment set
e) Press OK button
f) Close window;
g) You will see the measurments on Map, use time slider, to see measurmets for each
	time step available.
e) sld-file for Measure can be specifyed in <JRodos>/Client/SLD folder.
	Please note that every Measure Type requires its own sld-file.
	Sld-file for net gros rate included in the build.
    • Bug with visualization non calculated countermeasure data fixed.
    • Styles (sld-files) for areas, covered by countermeasures introduced. So, now “Apply action” indicates countermeasure affected cells, no strange numbers.
  • TimeZone management. To choose TimeZone, select Options→Time zone. Results will be presented in TimeZone you selected.
  • IAMM. Bug with selection area of interest on map fixed.
  • Location factors.
    • IAMM location factors are stored in the RTDB. More informatoin on location factors needed by other models will be added on demand.
    • Modification of the location factors are possible via Measurment → Location factors menu.


  • Answers can be found on the the FAQ page.
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