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-====== Release Notes 18.04.2008 ====== 
-==== Prerequisites ==== 
-Recreate RTDB scheme before run. The simplest way is use _restoreDB.cmd script, but please note, this script will recreate all databases and delete all NWP data and saved projects. 
-==== Features ==== 
-  * Automatic run 
-     * More messages added (on coming expected data, on replacing data etc.) 
-     * Bugs with time adaptation fixed. 
-     * Unnecessary results removed. 
-     * Possibility to modify administrator defined values (maximal number of missed measurement time steps, period of prognoses calculation) introduced. The values are stored in <​JRodos>/​Manager/​plugins/​Diagnose/​ Restarting of JRodos system is needed to apply changes. 
-  * Visualization of measurment data on map (experimental solution). Feedback are needed. 
- To visualize measurment data on map: 
- a) Import data to DB (RTDB) either via Measurment->​Import Measurment or put files into  
- <​JRodos>/​Automatic/​RTTF and wait while JRodos imported it in background; 
- b) Select Measurmet -> Show Measurments on Map; 
- c) Select Measure Type in the ComboBox "​Measure Type", select Measure in the Table 
- "​Measure",​ select one or servral Heigths in the ComboBox "​Heigths"​ 
- d) !!! Specify start and end date. The minimal and maximal available dates for selected 
- measurment set (Measure Type+Measure+Heigths) are displayed in the Fields ​ 
- The simplest way is to press "Copy to From" and "Copt to To:" buttons, this 
- will display all measurments from selected measurment set 
- e) Press OK button 
- f) Close window; 
- g) You will see the measurments on Map, use time slider, to see measurmets for each 
- time step available. 
- e) sld-file for Measure can be specifyed in <​JRodos>/​Client/​SLD folder. 
- Please note that every Measure Type requires its own sld-file. 
- Sld-file for net gros rate included in the build. 
-     * Bug with visualization non calculated countermeasure data fixed. 
-     * Styles (sld-files) for areas, covered by countermeasures introduced. So, now "Apply action"​ indicates countermeasure affected cells, no strange numbers. ​ 
-  * TimeZone management. To choose TimeZone, select Options->​Time zone. Results will be presented in TimeZone you selected. 
-  * IAMM. Bug with selection area of interest on map fixed. 
-  * Location factors. 
-     * IAMM location factors are stored in the RTDB. More informatoin on location factors needed by other models will be added on demand. 
-     * Modification of the location factors are possible via Measurment -> Location factors menu. 
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