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Release Notes 25.04.2008


  • Old EMERSIM projects not restartable. Create new project, please.


  • Automatic run
    • ALSMC prognosis started after admin defined number of diagnosis steps.
    • If automate starts and no measurement data for start time presented in DB, system looks for the newest data presented up to admin defined max number of missing cycles. Appropriate message is given to the user.
    • RMC3diag uses right width of inner grid cell now.
  • Visualization of measurement data on map.
    • Date and time present now in header/title in the graphics if measurements for only one time interval are displayed
    • “Close dialog” button introduced instead of “Cancel” in “Show Measure on chart/map”, “Show NWP data”.
  • Visual spices.
    • Full featured resizable MapLegend is now floating over MapControl.
    • Tabs in a central TabPane now have close button (x). Coming soon.
    • Tab overview button is added (“looking-glass” leftmost of the tab list) to show tab contents thumbnails.
    • Emergency mode can be run now
  • NWP data visualization.
    • Wind fields are visualized as arrows with the same size but with different colors, representing wind speed.
  • IAMM
  • Location factors for the model are taken from database.
  • Location factors used for a run are shown at “Location Factors” tab in init window.
  • The latest location factors from the database can be retrieved using button “Reload” at “Location Factors” tab.
  • A rectangular mesh can be generated using option “Generate rectangular mesh” at “Project” tab.
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