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Project database and RTDB should be rebuild. Simply use _restore.cmd file.

New Features appeared since the last build (080602 ⇒ 080625)

  • Raster data processing (reminder)
    • It is possible now to specify raster information (elevation, landuse, population) which should be used in calculation.
      The dialog will appear after authorization. Default data is located in the <app>/Manager/data/hdm_europe_shapes folder.
  • Ermin model
    • Works with hand measurements or IAMM/ADM result deposition maps.
  • IAMM model
    • Nuclide selector introduced.
    • Unnessecary UI field deleted.
  • UI
    • Toolbar with buttons for selecting zones, grid on map introduced, deleting cells from zone introduced.
  • Location factors
    • It is possible to add different location factors for dry and wet conditions.
  • Documentation
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