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Project database and RTDB should be rebuild. Simply use _restore.cmd file.

New Features appeared since the last build (080625 ⇒ 080715)

  • Raster data processing
    • It is possible now to specify soil raster information in addition to elevation, landuse and population, which should be used in calculation.
      The dialog will appear after authorization. Default data is located in the <app>/Manager/data/hdm_europe_shapes folder.
  • DEPOM model
    • Fully integrated, both in interactive and automatic modes, graphic results are displayed, FDMT information is collected and stored.
  • FDMT model
    • Partly (90%) integrated: both in interactive and automatic modes, all input data is filled, graphical results displayed. No production data used, some units are not defined.
  • Location factors
    • It is possible to specify color for different location factors. This feature will be used mainly in IAMM model (implementation of specifying location factors to measurements is in progress)

DEPOM and FDMT is not included into Emergency model chain, they will be if needed.

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