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Project database should be rebuild. Simply use _restore.cmd file.
If you used July RC 1, than please recalculate models, otherwise you cannot create reports.

New Features appeared since the last build (080721 ⇒ 080728 (July RC 2))

  • FDMT model
    • Table results added
    • Time dependent results added
    • Reading initial parameters from assign file
    • Structure of results improved
  • Automatic start of calculation Emergency model chain on imcoming RodosLight xml file
    • Put xml file to <app>/Automatic/RodosLight folder. Please, note, a lot of files can fail the calculation
  • Localization
    • Tree nodes localization, map layers name localization implemented (see Manager/plugins/MODELNAME/Languages/ file)
  • IAMM
    • Full localization implemented
  • ERMIN (new in RC2)
    • Plot feature available in time dependent results
    • Updated titles and units
    • Air concentration result added
    • Possibility to name countermeasures strategies
  • UNIX (new in RC2)
    • All models shared objects (*.so) are up-to-date
  • Miscellaneous
    • User name entered in start window is used in RodosLight, reports, etc.
  • Reporting tool
    • Automatic start of report generation
    • Generating pdf, rtf, html as zip folder on demand
    • Configuration options (Report → Report Settings)
    • Activity concentrations for the main types of nuclide are shown in the Sourceterm section
    • Proper legend of result is show in the Report
    • Proper legend of all layers is show in the Report (new in RC2)
    • Possibility to generate report for data item added

Please configure report generation options in (Report → Report Settings) on start

Please note, report assigning is guilted only in the model chain type, you assigned. For example: if you assigned in ALSMC+EMERSIM+DEPOM+FDMT model chain, then no reports will be generated in Emergency model chain unless you make assignments there.

New file can be found here. Should be put into: ReportDesigner/samples

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