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Databases should be rebuild. Simply use _restore.cmd file.
All models libraries are work on Windows only

New Features appeared since the last build (080829 ⇒ 081013)

  • MATCH intregrated
    • Standalone version
    • Connection to interactive ALSMC and RLSMC
   How to run MATCH:
     1. Register provider 
        1a. Click Prognosis->Register provider 
        1b. Type: provider: dmi, select ''data for Match'', duration: 48,
            update period: 24 (doesn't matter), sample analysis time: 6,
            data interval: 3, prefix: DMI
        1c. Data should be put to RodosHome/romet/dmi/eu without any folder 
     2. Set proper start-end date in MATCH UI or in ALSMC. Available data (48 hours from started from): 29.07.08 06:00
     3. Run MATCH. Read documentation on MATCH UI from RODOS-PV 6.0  
  • RIMPUFF intregrated
    • Automatic, Interactive and Diagnostic modes
    • Connection with ERMIN, EMERSIM, DEPOM, MATCH
  • NWP
    • Improved provider definition (for MATCH)
  • Configuration
    • Separate configuration for each user. Report options, language, timezone, layers, projects proposed to him are defined and stored separately for each user
  • Visualization
    • Population result in EMERSIM presents population density instead of number of people in grid cells.

Features of the previous release 080829

  • Reporting
    • Off-screen reporting generation
    • Legend doesn't appear in reports on map, only in layers description.
  • NWP data
    • Automatic load of NWP data. How to make this import, please read user guide.
  • Time plot functionality
    • Possibility to present data with log scale range axis.
    • Possibility to add markers on the chart (point marker, level marker etc).

How to see this functionality, please read user guide.

  • FDMT
    • Corresponding intervention level is shown on time plots.
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