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Databases should be rebuild. Simply use _restore.cmd file.
All models libraries work on Windows and UNIX

New Features appeared since the last build (081020 ⇒ 081028)

  • Advanced and Simple user policy introduced
    • Simple user implementation is as close as possible to UC-100 requirements
    • For Simple user policy Project tree has no Copy/Rename/Delete task commands, while Copy Project command exists
    • Loaded from DB projects can be reinited and run through right click on task node
    • Advanced user has full functionality on project/task management
    • Can be switched via Options→User policy
  • Animation control
    • more stable and fast rendering;
    • no blinking on viewing results during model run;
  • Unix binaries updated
  • Native model libraries improved (stability issues in MATCH, RLSMC, bug with Iodine fractions fixed in RIMPUFF)
  • Print map functionality (Go to Map→Print map…)
  • Project tree update
    • Removed unnecessary folders on Project→Model level

Additionally please see Features of the previous release 081020.

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