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 +Databases **should be rebuild**. Simply use ''​_restore.cmd''​ file. \\
 +All models libraries work on **Windows** and **UNIX** \\
 +:!: **Current build of RIMPUFF model produces crashes. \\
 +The updated model will be included in the next JRodos build.**
 +====== New Features appeared since the last build (081111 ⇒ 081205) ======
 +  * Each model now has a Results subfolder, containing Environmental data **used** in the calculations
 +  * Production data is now loaded from .shp file by Europe (smoothed) NUTS3 regions (see the file in <​jrodos>/​Manager/​data/​hdm_europe_shapes/​production.shp). For the calculations the data is interpolated into RoGrid.
 +  * Production data now can be customized the same way as population, elevation, soil and land-use (Options -> Check Errors). ​
 +  * All models except ALSMC and RLSMC are synced to their latest sources.
 +  * Eliminated severe memory leaks in most of the native models.
 +  * bugs fixed (list below)
 +     * copied Emergency project contains old results
 +     * copy project rename to existing name causes loss of input data
 +     * cannot close a project copy
 +     * no new directory created on new NWP provider
 +     * show "​Generate Results"​ only on assigned report layout
 +     * time dependent results has no time stamp in their reports
 +     * "​Exercise"​ is shown no matter what was selected in the project
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