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:!: Databases should be rebuild. Simply use _restore.cmd file.
All models libraries work on Windows and UNIX

New Features appeared since the last build (081205 ⇒ 081218)

  • ALSMC and RLSMC model codes are updated to the latest version.
  • Automatic mode used correspondence of sites and data providers from the same file, as RodosLight (<JRodos>\RodosHome\roenvdir\siteconfig\site_measureprv).
  • New RodosLight 3.0 integrated.
    • No separate models for ALSMC, RLSMC and for Auto-Atstep, Auto-Rimpuff can be found in Model chain editor and in New project window. Only LSMC and Automate. Selecting of dispersion model (Atstep or Rimpuff) for both interactive and automatic modes can be done in RodosLight via Options → Dispersion model in RodosLight tab. :!: Not in JRodos Options menu but in each RodosLight menu.
    • RodosLight uses prognosis and measurement data from JRodos database
    • RodosLight cannot be switched to automatic mode if interactive model chain used
    • FDMT user interface are still under development, selection on that tab has no effect.
    • For other RodosLight 3.0 features, please contact RodosLight developers.
  • Interactive report layout improved. Text block (image header, footer or independent block after image) is show just after the image (map), not on the next page of report
  • Assigned SLD to almost all results (LSMC, EMERSIM, DEPOM, FDMT, Automate models, MATCH partly). Such legends are not depend on time. :!: If in stackrelase scenario you found no results it can be because values are smaller, then the lowest limit vale in SLD
  • Bug in ERMIN with wrong deposition values order fixed.
  • Project tree: click on “+” has no effect on selection visualization.
  • Legend: now selection of layer is visible.
  • Unit displays on map and layer title for all layers (including production data), not only time-dependent.
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