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:!: Databases should be rebuild. Simply use _restore.cmd file.
:!: On Unix, please, use *.sh files

New Features appeared since the last build (081218 ⇒ 090114)

  • Automatic start of calculation on incoming RodosLight xml file extended on more model chain.
    • The following data should be added into RodosLight xml file inside roliteInterface tag:
    • If a user wants to start so called self-sufficient model chain (that doesn't depend on any other project) tags sourceProject and sourceModel should be omitted.
    • If a user want to start EMERGENCY or Automatic model chains then the whole jrodos block can be omitted. The system detects the right model chain from other part of file.
    • The required model chain should already exist in the system otherwise calculation will not be started with corresponding message.
    • If model chain requires source project and specified project exists in database then it will be loaded automatically.
    • RodosLight xml file should be put into <JRodos>/Automatic/RodosLight folder.

  • First version of JRodos Web Service.
    • Install the latest version of Apache Tomcat. If you have already Tomcat installed, please, skip this step.
    • Download JRodos Web Service and put it to <Tomcat>/webapps folder.
    • Restart Tomcat
    • In <JRodos>/Manager/server.config change value of tag WebDir to <Full path to Tomcat folder>\webapps\RodosWebInterface\docs.

(Example: <WebDir>C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 6.0\webapps\RodosWebInterface\docs</WebDir>)

    • Log in with you JRodos login/password.
    • Select some project (task) and see information about project (task).
    • All new reports created either automatically or in the interactive way (assigned reports only) can be accessed via browser beside information about project (task).

:!: Share button has no effect. Usecase is needed!
:!: Delete button really deletes project

  • Bug fixing
    • Units in title for results.
    • ERMIN, MATCH can use EMERGENCY as source task.
    • ERMIN UI updated, the newest model codes implemented.
    • Precipitations sld improved to display small values.
    • All LSMC results are made time dependent (except Cloud arrival time).
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