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:!: Databases should be rebuild. Simply use _restore.cmd file.
:!: On Unix, please, use *.sh files
:!: Do not forget to download custom jre and unpack it to <jrodos>/jre/windows or <jrodos>/jre/linux depending on your OS.


  • Do not use big images as external image point symbolizer!! They stay in memory!!
  • Do not run in parallel several instances of LSMC / EMERGENCY / EMERSIM / DEPOM / FDMT / MATCH models!!

Changes since the last build (JRodos December 2008 Release ⇒ 090217)

  • RAK/RDD projects are stable now
  • RODOS-Lite help is back!
  • Map layer with one point now displayed correctly
  • Diagnosis works correctly for measurement delivery frequency other than 10 minutes
  • Information tool: now on feature selection an additional information is shown in Properties Panel (the rightmost one). Coordinates of mouse-click, quantity, name, unit; project name / task name for model results.

  • SLD editor is revised and fixed!!
  • Style created by SLD editor is correctly loaded and displayed
  • Halo for text style works correctly
  • External graphic as point symbolizer (.jpg, .png …)
  • SLD editor UI bugs are eliminated (overlapping Fill and Stroke in Point Symbolizer)

  • Text labels for Point Symbolizers now are not overlapping; more labels appear on zoom in.
  • If you want to visualize project results and NOT auto-zoom to grid extension - hold ALT during a click!

  • A popup showing progress on obtaining Google Maps and WMS server data is added
  • WMS map layer now contains information on sub-layers displayed in Map Legend. Each sub-layer has a style preview icon when available.
  • Successful WMS addresses (URLs) appear in a combobox within Add WMS dialog.

  • UI: dialog “Show Measurements on Map”: added provider filter, added a button “Show Stations for (particular) Measurement”
  • UI: dialog “Show Measurements on Map”: time filter now works properly
  • UI: mapping between sites and measurements providers is now in UI! No file should be manually edited!

Go to Measurement → Register Site to Provider Mapping.

  • UI: automatic mode parameters are changed through UI. No file should be manually edited!

Go to Options → Automatic Mode Parameters

  • On importing measurements a time stamp for each one is shown in the Message Window

  • ERMIN: possibility of nuclide selection on connecting to LSMC/IAMM results
  • ERMIN: more validity checks during input to prevent model failure
  • ERMIN, IAMM UI: lower left corner of the computational grid is defined in Lat/Long values.
  • ERMIN UI: Area of Interest tab → Deposition table, values are now in the scientific format.
  • MATCH UI: Sourceterm tab → Emission table, values are now in the scientific format.

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