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-  * Do not use big images as external image point symbolizer! They stay in memory!!! +
-  * Running models in parallel **in principal** is possible now but additional models can be not loaded due to lack of free memory. Please try to run failed model after finishing model which is already in memory. +
-  * Under **UNIX Automatic mode with ATSTEP** is not working for the moment. Please, don't install an update 1 if you are running Atomatic ATSTEP under UNIX. We are trying to fix the problem as soon as possible. +
-\\ +
-:!: HOW TO INSTALL Update 1 +
-  * You should have JRodos Demonstration downloaded, unzipped. +
-  * If JRodos is running, please close it. +
-  * Unzip into main JRodos folder. This action will substitute several files. +
-  * For **this particular Update 1** databases should be rebuilt -- simply use ''​_restore.cmd''​ file. This action will delete all your projects, real-time data, nwp data, preferences (e.g. time zone, language etc). If you have really important data in the JRodos database, please contact us and we will solve the problem. +
-  * Run JRodos as usual and enjoy updated system. +
-\\ +
-====== Changes since the Demonstration version (JRodos Demonstration ⇒ Update 1) ====== +
-  * Running several models in parallel is not crashing the system. Stability issue with not loading models on Windows is seemed to be fixed. Testing on different configuration is needed. +
-  * Possibility to import EURDEP directly into JRodos and use it meteorological information for calculating in Automatic mode, radiological section for visualizing information on map. +
-\\ +
-  * More then one real-time data provide can be used. it is possible to specify different type for the providers. +
-  * Time interval of providers data can be differ. +
-''​Provider types refer to type of data which is delivered by the provider for particular site. It can be meteo, stack emission, radiological or any combination of these types which can be selected from the predefined set (combobox).\\ +
-    * Meteo means provider delivers meteorological information which can be used as on-site meteo data for automatic mode.\\ +
-    * Stack emission means provider delivers stack emission data which can be used for stack release calculation in automatic mode.\\ +
-    * Radiological means other radiological data which is not used in automatic mode calculation (gross dose rate, etc). This data is used for visualization or calculation in other models (e.g. IAMM).''​ +
-\\ +
-\\ +
-  * ERMIN. Displaying result for more then one strategy. +
-\\ +
-  * IAMM. Pie chart represents relevant activity in the nuclide vector. +
-\\ +
-  * Information tool: Time series for wind field represent wind speed (not oscillates between x and y values). +
-  * NWP files. Parser fixed to allow importing data from Belgian national provider. +
-  * Bug fixing in RODOS-Lite, models, spelling errors fixed. +
-''​Code Text''​+
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