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JRodos Demonstration Update 2 Review

JRodosDemonstrationUpdate2 is based on the architecture, which creates a separate process (JVM) for any computational model. This gives an outperforming stability and easy parallelization to the JRodos system. The system now is more adopted to be run on multicore / multiprocessor machines.

  • Now it is possible to compute several projects in parallel.
  • If a model is crashed this does not influence the running JRodos system: only a message on a model failure is shown.

:!: JRodosDemonstrationUpdate2 is not compatible with the previous JRodos releases, so all the calculated projects will be lost. From the other hand, you may use the customization data from the previous versions in case any changes have been made. This includes language files, elevation, population, landuse, soil tiff files, production.shp. Weather and Measurement data bases remain untouched, so you may continue using them.

:!: RodosWebInterface should be updated to the latest version.

  • Stop Apache Tomcat
  • Delete …/tomcat/webapps/RodosWebInterface.war and …/tomcat/webapps/RodosWebInterface folder.
  • Change the content of …/tomcat/webapps/RodosWebInterface/ according to WebAccess install guide p.6
  • Start Apache Tomcat


  • Do not use install JRodos Update 2 into the path with blanks.
  • Do not use Tritium (T-3x, TO-3x) as a part of your user defined source term.
  • Do not use big images as external image point symbolizer! They stay in memory!!!

:!: HOW TO INSTALL Update 2

  • Unzip into a folder with a relatively short path (D:\, C:\Programs\, /opt/JRodos/ etc). The folder JRodosDemonstrationUpdate2 is created containing an updated version of the JRodos software.
  • cd JRodosDemonstrationUpdate2.
  • On Unix set an executable attribute to the following files:,,, jre/linux/bin/*, Manager/DB/PostgreSQL/
  • If you have previous JRodos version installed - run update.cmd (
    Otherwise - run _restoreDB.cmd (
  • Run JRodos.cmd ( as usual and enjoy the updated system.

Changes since the Demonstration version (JRodos Demonstration Update 1 ⇒ Update 2)

  • Model computations are done as separate processes;
    • if a model is crashed the main system keeps on running.
    • no “could not load .dll” errors (#62 in Bugzilla).
  • Running several models (except Automate!) in parallel is fully allowed.
  • All the models are implemented as plugins, so the system binary should not be rebuilt on integration of a new model.
  • “No WMS data visulization” bug is fixed (#176 in Bugzilla).
  • Reports are now generated on UNIX OS (#169 in Bugzilla).
  • Non-standard nuclides in the user defined Sourceterm are now properly processed with LSMC (#164, #183 in Bugzilla).
  • Krovak type map projection support is added (#173 in Bugzilla).
  • ERMIN produces two files for WebHYPRE system.
  • “Copy Strategy” is added in ERMIN UI, Countermeasure Panel (#166, part 2; in Bugzilla).
  • Soil type is extracted correctly (#178 in Bugzilla).
  • The list of NWP providers is shown in alphabetical order (#181, #182 in Bugzilla).
  • Counter plot for resulted grids is added on the right mouse click popup (#116 in Bugzilla).
  • Corrected labels (#168, #166 part 3, in Bugzilla).
  • Legend for Iodine fractions is improved (#179 in Bugzilla).
  • Misc fixes in ERMIN, IAMM, LSMC models.
  • DEMM model is integrated. Use ModelChainEditor for creating model chains with it.
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