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JRodos Demonstration Update 3 Review

JRodosDemonstrationUpdate3 is based on the architecture from Update 2. The main feature of this update is integration of the Poseidon model.

:!: JRodosDemonstrationUpdate3 is compatible with the previous Update 2 version, so if you have Update 2 installed you don't need to recreate databases, if you have older (or don't have any) JRodos versions, please use _restoreDB script before the first run.

:!: You should use Model Chain editor to add Poseidon model to HDM model chain (don't forget connect it to Rivtox model) or run _update script (Attention: you will loose some of your configuration time zones, сustom model chains).


    • Only Maps in Graphical Output types have influence on results.
    • Selection in Single nuclide node may be buggy, please select data from Nuclide groups.
  • Do not use Tritium (T-3x) as a part of your user defined source term.
  • Do not use big images as external image point symbolizer! They stay in memory!!!

:!: HOW TO INSTALL Update 3

  • Unzip into a folder which full path doesn't contain blanks and exotic symbols (e.g. Cyrillic letters).
  • cd JRodosDemonstrationUpdate3.
  • On Unix set an executable attribute to the following files:,,, jre/linux/bin/*, Manager/DB/PostgreSQL/
  • If you have JRodosDemonstration Update2 installed - run update.cmd (
    Otherwise - run _restoreDB.cmd (
  • Run JRodos.cmd ( as usual and enjoy the updated system.

Changes since the Demonstration version (JRodos Demonstration Update 2 ⇒ Update 3)

  • Poseidon model is integrated. It is delivered with data for Baltic Sea (model u22). Selecting release from Rivtox is obliged, other releases are optional. For time period which exceeds Rivtox calculation period, last calculated value is applied.
  • Only maps from one project are displayed simultaneously (#202 in Bugzilla)
  • Interpolated maps used in the calculations (elevation, population, landuse, soil) are stored in a disk cache. Each resulted map has a pair (tiff file, RoGrid) as the key. For the standard LSMC model chain for the repeated scenario (i.e. the one that has been previously calculated) its computational time drops from 3.5 minutes down to 2.5 minutes.
  • Custom tiff based maps can be combined with the default ones. Just add your custom map in Options → Engine options and it will be preferably used in the calculations. To restore the default ones import the standard maps from <jrodos>/Manager/data/… folder.
  • Providers and sites in 'Show NWP data' and 'Show measurements data' dialogs are arranged in alphabetical order (#181, #182 in Bugzilla)
  • Problem with import NWP data for Spanish sites fixed (#223 in Bugzilla)
  • Legend in time graph shows full information even if it is too long (#216 in Bugzilla)
  • T0-3x is possible to use for calculation (#183 in Bugzilla)
  • Wrong unit for “Diagnostic Results→Activity concentrations→Air concentration, time integrated near ground surface” fixed (#168 in Bugzilla)
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