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JRodos 090615 AKA JRodos June 2009 RC1 Review

:!: JRodos June 2009 RC1 is compatible with the JRodos Demonstration Update 2, Update 3 version, so if you have Update 2 or later installed you don't need to recreate databases, if you have older (or don't have any) JRodos versions, please use _restoreDB script before the first run.


    • Only Maps in Graphical Output types have influence on results.
    • Selection in Single nuclide node may be buggy, please select data from Nuclide groups.
  • Do not use Tritium (T-3x) as a part of your user defined source term.
  • Do not use big images as external image point symbolizer! They stay in memory!!!

:!: HOW TO INSTALL JRodos June 2009 RC1

  • Unzip into a folder which full path doesn't contain exotic symbols (e.g. Cyrillic letters).
  • cd JRodosJune2009RC1.
  • On Unix set an executable attribute to the following files:,,, jre/linux/bin/*, Manager/DB/PostgreSQL/
  • If you have JRodosDemonstration Update2 or later installed - run update.cmd (
    Otherwise - run _restoreDB.cmd (
  • Run JRodos.cmd ( as usual and enjoy the updated system.

Changes since the Demonstration Update 3 version (JRodos Demonstration Update 3 ⇒ June 2009 RC1)

  • Potential fix, needs verification: deadlock on some XP machines should be avoided now (#230 in Bugzilla)
  • Optimization of operations with NWP DB (credits to Michael Ammann)
  • Map Legend can be moved out of the MapPane by pressing X button. Then the legend is places as a tab of the UI Right Panel.
  • Now it is possible to add an input summary to report for LSMC based projects (#67 in Bugzilla)
  • Time Graph tool is added to the Toolbar (#120 in Bugzilla)
  • Table data can be copied with header names. Select a set of rows and make right click (#152 in Bugzilla)
  • Corrected soft links in Install Guide, Linux part (#159 in Bugzilla)
  • Site data can be changed now (emergency planned zones). JRodos UI, Options → Site Data
  • LSMC runs correctly on non-standard sets of nuclides (#164 in Bugzilla)
  • Scientific format for Y axis on charts (#167 in Bugzilla)
  • Correct legend when iodine fraction is zero (#179 in Bugzilla)
  • Kruemmel NPP is visible on most of zooms (#190 in Bugzilla)
  • Weather → “Show data”: the dataset list is in chronological order (#198 in Bugzilla)
  • “Computational grid”, “Emergency planning zones and sectors” are not in “Prognostic results” anymore (#200 in Bugzilla)
  • depom+fdmt can be connected to Emergency project (#208 in Bugzilla)
  • Corrections to Choose Measurement dialog (#211, #212 in Bugzilla)
  • Choose Measurement and Choose NWP dialogs now have “Collapse Dialog” button. Additionally, the dialogs are kept on top, while it is still possible to work with the main UI (e.g. changing map zoom, time slider etc.) (#213, #220 in Bugzilla)
  • North Arrow is added to map, helping in UTM projections.
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