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New Features appeared since the last build (080425 ⇒ 080505)

  • Automatic mode
    • Separate parameter for max number of absent cycles for start time is introduced. See Automatic mode files
    • Automatic mode is stopped correctly if no meteorological data is presented in measurments
    • The same results for Diagnosis and Prognosis calculation have identical names
    • Wind fileds are presented as result in Prognosis calculation
  • Visualization
    • All ALSMC results have full1) description on map
    • “Diagnose” task is renamed to “Automatic run”
    • More intuitive “Show measurments on map” dialog. A user can work from top to bottom.
    • Bug with non proper visualization of corner cells in Computational grid fixed in Automatic mode
  • Emergency
    • ALSMC results can be seen in Emergency mode
  • Table results
    • All table results is presented as results for EMERSIM, Diagnosis, ALSMC2)
  • Others
    • Sorting mechanism in Open/Delete dialogs is working properly.
    • Save button and Find bar is implemented in the viewer for String data (in particular for the xml-file viewer).
1) name, physiscal quantity, unit
2) Complete for automatic prognosis, not complete for interactive ALSMC
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