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DataItem Keys

DataItem field key is developed for grouping purposes. Properties are read from file in each Model plugin folder. Example of properties: sld file, unit, scale type in visualization, name…

Each DataItem is accosiated with Task thereby with Model and loaded or created in Computational Engine. When dataItem is requested in Client dataItem Info is created on base of dataItem and sent to Client from Engine via Management Server. This dataItemInfo contains dataItem properties (name, model name, …) and also information related to key from file.

Key itself shouldn't contain IDataItem.separator (=:=) char sequence. It's possible to specify which values shouldn't be loaded from file, write them after IDataItem.separator separated by comma (,).


String COMA = ",";
String key = "key_example" + IdataItem.separator + "name" + COMA + "sld";

For this key from file = Example name
key_example.unit = Sv
key_example.sld = Example.sld
key_example.scale = uniform

only unit and scale will be loaded and substitute already defined values, name and sld will be left as defined before (for name) or unidefined (for sld).

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