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UC- 020: Import measurement data

Short description

Import measurement data in database, and create rttf-files when automatic run is active.


New measurement data incoming


Measurement data in database, and rttf-file is created (if automatic run is active)


- Background function (runs automatically in the background when new measurement data comes in)

- If for one site an automatic run is active, it creates for each cycle a rttf-file in the input directory for this run. The length of the cycle (cycletime) is defined by the administrator.


-Parallel processes must be allowed.

- The rttf-files could be valid only for one site.

- It is possible that the measurement files contains data which has a measurement interval (i.e. length of measurement time interval) which is longer than the cycletime. In this case several rttf-files should be produced, each being valid for one interval with length cycletime and all together covering the measurement interval.



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