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UC- 200: Automatic mode

Short description

Automatic mode for JRodos, where diagnostic calculations are running continuously whenever online measurement files are available and where prognostic calculations are made regularly on top of the diagnostic calculations; also reports are generated regularly


- Automatic mode started by user or by incoming xml-file

- Measurement data files incoming

- NWP data available

- periodicity (number of time steps) for generating reports defined

- periodicity (number of time steps) for start of prognosis calculation defined

- maximum number of time steps defined, which the systemlooks back if no actual data file exist for start of calculation

- maximum number of time steps defined, which the system replaces during calculation if missing data occurs


- Automatic mode running until users stops it

- Regularly reports are generated with diagnostic and prognostic results



- there needs to be either a possibility in RoLite to define also the end of the historic calculation period or a maximum number of cycles has to be defined somewhere after a historic calculation stops (otherwise the calculation would always run until the user stops it or it reaches the current time!).



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