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UC- 210: Automatic start of JRodos run with incoming xml-file

Short description

Automatic start of a model run in JRodos when an pre-defined xml-file is received in an input directory of JRodos; during the run also reports are generated and then published on the JRodos web server.


- Measurement data files incoming

- NWP data available

- periodicity (number of time steps) for generating reports defined for automatic mode

- Xml-file is received in an input directory (/Automatic/FileTrigger)


- Automatic mode running until users stops it

- Model chain run is finished

- Reports are generated with diagnostic and/or prognostic results

- Reports are published on JRodos web server


It's not necessary that JRodos is running. The incoming xml-File starts also the JRodos-System


- A similar feature has already been realized for an xml-file triggering an emergency model chain run

- xml-files here are identical with those being produced by RoLite in JRodos manually

- Examples for xml-files are attached for automate run, LSMC+Emersim+Depom+Fdmt-model chain, and for Depom+Fdmt-model chain (which is identical with the previous one)

- One problem exists: the current xml-files from RoLite don’t allow for additional information needed when one model chain – like the Depom+Fdmt-model chain – bases on an existing model run. In Rodos-Lx Mamad has realised an additional block in the xml-file which allows to define an existing model run as starting point for another model chain:


<programId name=“name of program defined in RODOS DB,ex. DWD”>


<starttimeOfMetDataset>YYYY:MM:DD:HH:mm:ss,ex. 2007:06:18:15:00:00</starttimeOfMetDataset>

<longitudeOfCentre>geogr. X-Coordinate,ex. 8.43</longitudeOfCentre>

<latitudeOfCentre>geogr. Y-Coordinate,ex. 49.12</latitudeOfCentre>

<innercellDiameter>calculation grid in m,ex. 5000</innercellDiameter>

<mountItToArchivedProgram targetProgName=“” runId=“” owner=“” groupNameOfThisProgram=“” />




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