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We (STUK) are currently working on a Web application that integrates our emergency tool set. I'm thinking of how we could integrate (J)Rodos as well. I've mentioned this use case already earlier, but here it is again:

We would like to have a query interface to JRodos output, and we would like to receive georeferenced data (as opposed to readily rendered images). One reason is that we want to produce the data portrayal in our Web application (using our geographic maps, using our graphic style, adding our annotation in various languages, and eventually adding the portrayal to our reports, etc). Another reason would be that we possibly want to further process the data and compare it with other model output.

I was doing a little reading on WCS and it seems to me that something along that line would be nice. Here my question: would it be generally feasible that you could provide us (some day) with such an interface. If you have a better or another idea that would do the same, I would be glad to hear of it.

Another use case would be to initiate and run JRodos projects (or tasks) from our Web application. But I think that with RodosLite and the run definition files you've already implemented this case.

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