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UC- 700: Simple web server

Short description

Simple web server with basic user and run administration, which can be used to visualize JRodos results via a WebBrowser.


- Webserver and servlet-container (e.g. apache and tomcat) available

- Reports with JRodos results available on same system where Webserver is running

- JRodos account information or Webserver account information available on same system where Webserver is running

- Simple JRodos web server is running

- JRodos web user can log into JRodos web servera

- JRodos run is performed with automatic report generation being activated
- After JRodos run is finished interactive report generation is started


- All reports produced by JRodos (automatically or interactively) are published on the webserver


1. User administration:
- Each JRodos user can login into web server with his JRodos account;
- For each JRodos user there is a web page with a list of all his runs and also a list with links to all runs which were made public to him;
2. Run/project administration:
- All reports produced by JRodos are made available to webserver (can user choose this in configuration?)

- For each new run a web page is generated which links to all JRodos documents for this run

- For each run the messages from the message window are also shown on the web page and are updated continuously

- A user can remove own runs (on the webserver and in JRodos!)

- A user can publish own runs to selected other JRodos users


- It should be possible that the Webserver can run on a different machine as JRodos, as long as the JRodos reports (and the JRodos account information) are being available on the Webserver (i.e. this means among other things that there is no need to e.g. delete JRodos projects via the WebInterface!) - The run which startet on the Webserver also visible in JRodos


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