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UC- 701: Sharing results on web server

Short description

The JRodos web server should allow to share own projects (results) with other JRodos users in a quick and easy way


- Webserver and servlet-container (e.g. apache and tomcat) available

- JRodos web server is running

- JRodos results (project) available on JRodos web server

- User selects project in JRodos web server for sharing with others by pressing “Share” button and then selecting user(s) with whom project should be shared


- Results (project) are available on JRodos web server for other (selected) users in their section “Other projects”


- Selection of other users should allow “All”, single users (all users of the JRodos system) and a group of users consisting of several individually selected single users

- It should be visible who the original author of a project was

- The sharing of projects is sufficient for all results of one project together (i.e. there is no need to allow for sharing of individual reports)

- If a user already shares one project with other users, new results published for this project should automatically be shared with the originally defined as “shared users”


- This feature of sharing a project (results) after the calculation is finished is favoured very much by many users over the alternative, where the user selects (e.g. in RoLite) before calculation who shall see the results afterwards (as it was realized e.g. in the old Rodos B-User-Interface). In such a way the “author” of a project can first check the calculated results before he makes it available to other users.


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