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Use cases

The following use cases were defined by members of the Rodos User Group to describe the way how Rodos is or will be used in their emergency centres in operational use. These use cases should guide the further development of JRodos to ensure that it matches the needs of the users.

All RUG members are encouraged to add new use cases if the available use cases do not fully describe their application of the Rodos system, and/or add comments to existing use cases !

UC-010 - Import numerical weather prediction data

UC-020 - Import measurement data

UC-021 - Access measurement data

UC-100 - Create a new project

UC-120 - Copy a project

UC-200 - Automatic mode

UC-210 - Automatic start of JRodos run with incoming xml-file

UC-410 - Use of WMS-Server in JRodos

UC-510 - User-definition of report layout

UC-600 - Data retrieval interface

UC-700 - Simple web server

UC-701 - Sharing results on web server

UC-710 - RoLite as applet for use in web browsers

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