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Working with automatic mode

Create project with Automatic model chain.

Select “Run new automate”.

Set site.

Set date of release. Release date should be corresponded to available measurement data. This means that release date in RodosLight should be set to date in available measurement data.

Automatic tasks works completly on data from JRodos database RTDB. Rttf-files should be imported to RTDB before use. This can be done either manually by selection menu: Measurments→Import measurments (default data is in RodosHome/ronet/rorttf/mast) or automatically in background by JRodos system. For this purpose RTTF files should be put to <JRodos>/Automatic/RTTF

If system is waiting for next timestep data but only a later data is incoming (e.g. system has calculated with 11:00, now waits for 11:10, but this is not coming but sometimes later the 11:20), the system then checks how many files are missing in between, if number is below administrator-defined criteria system uses last file for intermediate interval as replacement for missing file and then continues with latest file; otherwise system stops with error message.

To stop task a user should make a right click on running Diagnose task and select Stop. After it a user should wait until the last calculation task will be finished. Then project can be saved to database or resumed. Also stopped and saved project can be loaded from database and resumed calculation.Please note! Waiting untill calculation is finished is neccesary for correct resuming!

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