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-====== Working in emergency mode ====== 
-Short description on how to work with Emergncy mode. 
-Emergency mode is used for quick prognosis. In this mode input windows (RodosLite) are opened automatically. It collects all the data at the beginning of run and then starts ALSMC and EMERSIM models automatically one after another. Then the system saves the Project automatically. 
-However a user cannot restart Emergency mode, it can copy it (with all input information),​ modify input data and run. 
-To create Emergency mode a user should selelct File->​New project... or press "New project"​ button on toolbar. 
-{{jrodos:​emergency:​emergency:​new.project.toolbar.gif|}} ​ 
-In the dialog a user should select Emergency model chain, enter project name and press OK. 
-Emergency project will be created. RodosLite windows will be shown automatically. A user should insert information and press "​Submit"​ button. ALSMC and then EMERSIM will be started automatically. Project with all result and input inormation will be saved to database automatically. 
-To see input data a user double click on ''​Input -> UI-Input -> Input summary''​ in the Project Explorer. 
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