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Working with IAMM.

  • Create project with IAMM model chain.

  • Right click at the task in the created project and press init.

  • There are 2 ways of initializing the project:
    • Init using control file.
      Go to IAMM menu “Control File” → “Open”. And select prepared file with extension “.cro”.
      In this case the data is taken from files, specified in the control file, and database will be loaded to gui.
    • Init using GUI.
      Data should be entered to the following tabs.
      1. “Project” tab
        Select regionalization method, mapped quantity and operation mode.
        If “interpolation with uncertainties” is selected then it is possible to specify types of uncertainties at the “Map” tab.
        Mesh can be imported from prepared project file or generated.

        Also map selection tool is available to specify the lower left corner and size of the domain. Press “Select on map” button to use it.

        After selecting domain you can check its properties at “Project” tab.
        Then fill in “step x” and “step y” fields or chnage size of the domain. Domain lengths are automatically adjusted in order to contain whole number of steps. Make sure that selected domain contains measurement points. Measurements around FZK are stored in IAMM_HOME/data/geo.mes.
      2. “Nuclides” tab
        Select prepared file with extension “.nuv”. Then select nuclides for which maps should be generated using the tool shown below.If “All” is selected, one map for all nuclides will be generated.
      3. “Location Factors” tab
        Location factors from RTDB are shown here. Press “Reload” button to load the latest factors from database.
      4. “Measurements” tab
        Select prepared file with extension “.mes”.
      5. “Data Assimilation” tab
        Not implemented.
      6. “Map” tab
        Specify Start time of pollution process and time of the resulting map. Map time should be later then Start time.
        In order to specify uncertainties other than none, select “interpolation with uncertainties” at “Project” tab.
  • Press “Submit” button. It will be enabled if all necessary data is entered.
  • Right click on inited task in the project explorer and press run.
  • After the model is finished you can view results on map or as a table.
    The results are stored in “Results” folder at the project explorer.
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