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25.02.2009; Amsterdam: All flights to and from Schiphol were suspended for about three hours and the A9 around the airport has been closed. Plane crash Amsterdam 25.02.2009

19.11.2010; Birmingham: Birmingham Airport remained closed tonight after two people were hurt in an incident involving a light aircraft ( Birmingham Mail)

20.08.2008; Madrid: The plane that crashed in Madrid at 14:20 (Telegraph)and planes were again taking off from the airport on 20.08.2008 at 16:30 (Bloomberg;BBC).

18.01.2008; Heathrow: Thursday's crash caused 222 flights to and from Heathrow to be cancelled (18.01.2008)

06.08.2008; Newcastle: Delays at airport after fighter jet crash lands (Newcastle 06.08.2008)

04.12.2010; Moscow: Two dead as engine failure airliner lands in Moscow (Moscow 04.12.2010) und “airport switches to reserve runway” ( Nachrichten)

25.07.2000; Paris: Absturz der Concorde bei Paris (25.07.2000); All the runways are closed and flights from Roissy have been cancelled die Details

08.10.2001; Linate airport, Milan: A total of 118 people died when a Scandinavian Airlines SAS jet hit a Cessna light plane in heavy fog and ploughed into a baggage hangar on 08.10.2001 (Monday). Linate airport was closed after the crash, and only reopened at 0600 local time on 10.10.2001 (Wednesday)(BBC)

17.01.2008; Heathrow: A passenger plane has crash-landed short of a runway at Heathrow Airport, ripping off part of its undercarriage. BAA, the Heathrow operator, said it hoped to return to “near normal operations” on Friday [18.01.2008], but advised all passengers to contact their airlines for up-to-the-minute information. The incident happened on the south runway at 12:42. (BBC News, Nearby Hillingdon Hospital said it had received 18 casualties, 12 women and six men. The runway was initially closed, but reopened later to take-offs only. The north runway remained open throughout the incident.

17.12.2010; Stuttgart: Auf dem Flug von Amsterdam nach Ägypten musste die Boeing einer niederländischen Airline in Stuttgart notlanden. Der Flugbetrieb war während des Großalarms für 35 Minuten unterbrochen worden.(Welt Online)

17.07.2007; SAO PAULO, Brazil: The main runway at Brazil's busiest airport reopened Friday, 10 days after a passenger jet skidded off its rain-slicked surface and crashed, killing almost 200 people. Authorities opened the recently repaved runway at Sao Paulo's Congonhas Airport even though it has not yet been entirely grooved to drain rainwater and prevent planes from slipping when they touch down. (CNN)

14.02.2009; London City Airport: British Airways flight lost its front wheels in a “hard landing” at London City Airport on 14.02.2009 at 19:45. The airport was closed after the incident and 11 flights were diverted to neighbouring airports. BBC It reopened in the early hours of 15.02.2009 but passengers have been advised to expect some delays (

  • Collapse of Terminal Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport, 23 May 2004 (BBC NEWS)
  • Glasgow airport, 30 June 2007 (Terror at Terminal 1)A burning 4×4 Jeep Cherokee was rammed into the terminal building at Glasgow airport at 3.11pm. “At Glasgow airport, which last night remained closed, fire crews struggled to put out the fiercely burning Jeep, with the flames spreading to part of the canopy above the pavement outside the terminal. The Jeep, described by police as in a “highly unstable condition”, was still at the scene.” “[…] passengers were left stranded at the airport, many of them on planes delayed from taking off or unable to disembark passengers after arrival.
  • 24.01.2011; Moskau: Medienberichten zufolge sprengte sich am Moskauer Flughafen Domodedowo ein Selbstmordattentäter in die Luft. Demnach ereignete sich die Explosion am Montagnachmittag gegen 14.30 Uhr MEZ im Bereich der Gepäckaufnahme in der Ankunftshalle (Focus). Nach Angaben der Luftverkehrsbehörde Rosawiazia waren seit 15 Uhr Maschinen aus Kairo, Tokio, Düsseldorf und London gelandet. Einige internationale Flüge nach Domodedowo wurden zunächst auf andere Moskauer Flughäfen umgeleitet, auf denen, wie in Wnukowo und Scheremetjewo, die Sicherheitsmaßnahmen verstärkt wurden. Später starteten und landeten aber wieder Maschinen auch in Domodedowo (; (As it happened: Moscow airport explosion)
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