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Crashed during approach, Boeing 737-800, near Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, 25 February 2009;

The Hague, May 2010 (project number M2009LV0225_01);

The Dutch Safety Board


3.2 Legislation and regulations

The regulations of civil aviation are strongly focused on an international level.

The international regulations relevant to this investigation include:

1. The ‘Standards and Recommended Practices’ in the annexes to the Chicago Convention of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)

2. Regulations of the European Union

3. Regulations of the Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA) with regard to the use of aircraft for commercial air transport

4. Certification requirements of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

Nearly all countries in the world joined the Convention on International Civil Aviation (also referred to as the Chicago Convention). The Convention contains principles and regulations about innumerable issues that are important to the development of international civil aviation. […] The Chicago Convention has a large number of annexes in which various topics are arranged with a large degree of details. These annexes are not binding to the same extent as the Convention itself but do play a large role within. The contracting states are, in any case, obliged to implement the Standards as meticulously as possible in their national legislation.

The regulations of the European Union apply directly in member states. Regulations are in fact comparable with legislation on a national level, which is different to EC directives where the member states must implement the topic concerned in national legislation.

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