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How to find and open the “RODOS termlog” file in JRodos?

The former file “termlog” of RODOS is called “LSMCconsole.dat” in JRodos.

Go to the respective model folder in JRodosServer120610\Engine\Models\. There is one sub-folder with a “very long and cryptic name” for each project that is active in the current JRodos Session. Locate the folder belonging to the project you are interested in by date and time.

Open the folder - there you find the file “LSMCconsole.dat”. Open the file with (for example) Notepad++ or WordPad or with FAR/F3, else it might appear truncated after char(0) characters!!! Note that the file gets deleted when the active JRodos session is closed.

One path example from real life, model LSMC: D:\JRODOS\JRODOS120610\JRodosServer120610\Engine\Models\LSMC\9a1326ee-8d34-4432-01d5-b945ca8d15ef\LSMCconsole.dat.

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