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ALSMC Diagnosis ADM Atdiagn.f Changes 2008.05.

1) Determination of effective local roughness length z0 from Rogis land-use data (similar to Atprogn.f):

Before Patch 2008.05:

Effective local roughness length was determined from averaging the land-use-grid related roughness length over a square area of 4000 x 4000 m2.


  • This area is 6000 x 6000 m2. This hopefully avoids unsteady effects.

2) Change of sigma parameters of a puff during change from time step M to M+1 (like in Atprogn.f):

Before Patch 2008.05:

Due to change of turbulence from step M to M+1 (either by change of stability class or by change of roughness length) the sigma parameters of a puff can only increase, never decrease. This increase was applied both to the sigma parameters at puff head and puff end.


  • This increase is applied to the sigma at puff head only, the sigma parameters at puff end stay the same as the sigma parameters at the head of the puff at the time step before. This makes a more realistic smooth transition of the puff size.
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