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Change History for the RODOS Application Code inside RODOS

  1. NEW: The Atmospheric Dispersion Model DIPCOT (Particle Model) is integrated in RODOS. DIPCOT can be only accessed via the A-user interface and not via RODOS-Lite as only the interactive mode was realised for the testing now.
  2. NEW: A diagnostic (mass consistent) windfield model is running per default inside the Prognosis. It is configured using the following transmission coefficient ratio alpha.
    • unstable atmosphere: sqrt(1/10)
    • neutral conditions: 1
    • stable atmosphere: sqrt(10)
  3. NEW: An improved version of the Met. Preprocessor MPP is implemented in RODOS/LSMC.
  4. NEW: A new version of the Met. Data Preprocessor MDPP is implemented in RODOS/LSMC.
    • The user input of met. data in the prognosis is checked inside the MDPP during the run. The user is informed via the RODOS dialog if the check fails. The run will not be stopped by the MDPP istself. The error information is stored permanently and accessible in the menu “Run Informations”>“Further Infos”
    • The met. data input data delivered by met. data provider are checked (in Diagnosis as well as in Prognosis). Incorrect data are not used in the simulation run. The user is informed by the MDPP via the RODOS dialog. The MDPP delivers more detailed information in the file Prognose.warn and Diagnose.warn respectively in the outall-directory.
  5. NEW: RODOS/LSMC Prognosis delivers in case of automatic emergeny mode MODEM-information. The previous version of RODOS/LSMC delivered MODEM-information only in case of interactive prognosis.
  6. BUG FIX: correction of zAreas-values in data class PointSet.
  7. NEW: An updated version of the exercise preparation module is implemented. This version comprises a graphical user interface, which is part of the standard graphical RODOS user interface RODOS-Light.
  8. NEW: all simulation modules were re-compiled as the graphics library was changed
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