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Remark: It is assumed that the user has knowledge about the using of the Load-Editor and Load-Lists.

      For users with no knowledge of Load-Editor/Loadlists please contact the FZK-RODOS-system team to get 
      a detailed description.

MATCH runs in 2 modes.

  • 1. MATCH standalone
  • 2. RMATCH (MATCH continues the near range atmosph. dispersion of ALSMCprgn and calculates the far range atmosph. dispersion)

The results of this 2 modes can be used for FDMT-calculations. Before a FDMT calculation can be executed the MATCH / RMATCH results must be converted by the program PMATCH. PMATCH produces input data for DEPOM/FDMT.

The user can start PMATCH from the Interactive Manager with the button INT-MA-FDM.

Before starting PMATCH the user must check the activated Loadlist for PMATCH. Only 1 Loadlist can be activated;

  • the Loadlist with references to MATCH-results
  • the Loadlist with references to RMATCH-results

(Use the Load-Editor to do this)

Actual the load list for RMATCH results are available in the database. The load list for MATCH results are located as a file in ~rodos/rodecfiles/input/PMATCH_MATCH_load

If you want to use MATCH results for DEPOM/FDMT calculations, you must - insert the PMATCH-MATCH loadlist into the database with the Load-Editor - activate the new load list for program PMATCH ( programgroup INT-MA-FDM ) - configrate the Loadlist with a MATCH run ( Interactive Manager > Configuration )

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