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Automate import of input data

It is possible to load input data automatically in JRodos database and then use it in calculation.

Measurement data

Please, put measurements file in RRTF format in the Automatic/RTTF folder. They will be processed in background when client application is run.

NWP data

To load NWP data automatically, a user should first register provider. Please, go to Prognosis→Register provider and put provider name, site to which data will be associated (this is needed by RodosLight), duration of prognosis and update time (interval of incoming new prognosis).

Note. If you want to use the same provider for the different sites, just register provider with the same name but with other site name.

After registering you can put data to the folder Automatic/NWP/provider(site). The precise name is shown on the register dialog and updated to the names you selected.

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